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David McArthur currently works as a Commercial Photographer in Melbourne Australia and has more than 30 years experience in this industry. He has a passion for making dynamic, graphically strong images photographic images. His expansive range of clients and their commitment to him over many years is testament to the quality of his work and personable nature.

He photographs everything from architecture, people in industry, industrial photography, artwork photography and general commercial and advertising photography. His clients include Amcor, Orora, Exxon Mobil, Tabcorp Australia, Norman Disney and Young, Global Publishing, Charter Keck Cramer, DormaKaba, Conway Design, Westpac Bank, Green Distillation Technologies, Melrose Aged Care, Agilent, Austin Hospital, Biological Therapies and Invetech.

David’s runs Parallax Photography can be seen on his website David holds a Diploma of Education in Art and Media and taught for a number of years in the Secondary School system in Melbourne before starting Parallax Photography Travel photography throughout the Himalayas has been longstanding passion of David’s. His personal work can be seen on his website at


Himalayan Tours

Arun is a Newar from the historical city of Bhaktapur, Nepal. He has worked in education and photography in Nepal and has a passion for sharing his knowledge on photography, the rich cultural history of Nepal, its people and it magnificent landscape features.

Arun has long held a passion for photography and he began his journey in his youth capturing people daily life, culture, and many festivals.

Arun is actively involved providing support for community groups assisting those devastated by the Earthquakes in 2015. Arun photographed the devastation of the earthquakes in Nepal of 2015. He had an exhibition of these images in Melbourne in 2016. They illustrate the time where people found resilience, even after such devastation and touched the hearts of many Australians when the photographs were shown.

Arun comes from a long line of artists in his family. “Chitrakar” was a title given to artists in Nepal in ancient times and presently, the title stuck to them as last names. In his immediate family, his grandfather was a mask artist who was visited by Queen Elizabeth II, on her visit to Nepal in 1961.

With over 30 years of living in Nepal, Arun brings with him an insight into the lives of the Nepalese people, the history of the country, anecdotes on the places we visit. Besides being knowledgeable about Nepal’s culture, history, places and people, Arun also knows the best places for Nepalese cuisine!

Arun has moved to Melbourne in 2016 and actively supporting the Nepalese community in Australia.


  • Recent Photographs from the April 2017 Tour
    Recent Photographs from the April 2017 Tour
    Here are some recent Photographs from the amazing photography tour to Nepal in April 2017. Such a great experience to have with beautiful people & beautiful places. Images speak all …….....
  • Our first trip is scheduled to depart on the 10th of April 2017!!
    Our first trip is scheduled to depart on the 10th of April 2017!!
    Our first trip is scheduled to depart on the 10th of April 2017!! Time to give Bali a miss this year and come on a real adventure. Time to do what you want to do in your life so stop putting it off and register your interest with us....
  • Our Support of the Golden Campaign of Ace
    Our Support of the Golden Campaign of Ace
    Himalayan Photography Tours currently supports the Golden Campaign of Ace program by giving 10 percent of all profits to this very special organisation. As most of you know Nepal has was devastated by severe earthquakes in April 2015. The world has given much aid to Nepal to...
    Holi is a festival celebrated across the Hindu community with activities ranging from spreading powdered colours in various shades to spilling buckets, mugs, cups, even palm full of water on other people celebrating the festival. A day of lots of jesting and friendly competition to see who...
  • Bisket Jatra: The Festival of Bhaktapur
    Bisket Jatra: The Festival of Bhaktapur
    Bisket Jatra is celebrated exclusively in the Bhaktapur city of the Kathmandu Valley for the duration of a week, starting from the end of the month of Chaitra (first half of April) and ending in the first week of Baisakh (Mid-April) of the Nepalese calendar. The city...